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 Free the child's potential, and you'll transform the world with him.

Maria Montessori


About Arrayssoun

Located in the aviation district in Rabat, the Arrayssoun school welcomes children from 3 to 6 years old in a pleasant and stimulating environment. Thanks to a passionate, multidisciplinary and experienced team, and a carefully designed layout, the educational approach that we offer will delight children and their parents.

Our 100% Moroccan approach aims to prepare children for the different school systems so that they are better equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow. It consists of innovating by applying the results of neuroscience research and drawing inspiration from successful examples, particularly in Switzerland and Finland. 

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Word from the founder

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The majority of the world's education experts believe that by 2030, programs will be gone, that there will be no more teachers in the strict sense but learning facilitators who will help children achieve their goals.


We are indeed experiencing a real shift which is decisive for future generations. Also, as a committed citizen, I have found no better cause to defend than that of education. With a solid education system, a nation can count on its people to move forward and create a better future.

At the same time, being the mother of two children, I live every day what represents the responsibility of building a happy, balanced and confident human being. That is why, supporting parenthood is part of Arrayssoun's project through active and positive education, where parents and educators help each other for the good of each child.

Finally, through the Arrayssoun school, I strongly wish to set up an education which embodies the values ​​of our Moroccan and African cultural heritage and which at the same time integrates the richness of the cultures of the rest of the world.

S. Raissouni

Educational approach

Méthode pédagogique

Why choose our school?

Arrayssoun uses approaches that respect the natural laws of child development and take into account individual paces and personalities. Our goal is to have children who have good self-esteem, who demonstrate creativity and autonomy, and who really enjoy learning.

By placing children at the heart of our philosophy, by putting them in contact with nature and music, we offer them flourishing and calm and we help them develop their full potential.

We also ensure that there is cultural and linguistic diversity within the school, among the teaching team or the children. This daily cultural immersion opens our children to the world.

In addition, early multilingualism is part of our educational approach and we introduce languages ​​in an intelligent and subtle way. Thus, our children experience total and daily immersion in trilingualism: Arabic, English and French, and are also introduced to Chinese. This approach scaffolds the child in the structuring of their thought and mind during a period of their life when the brain is ‘boiling’.

Specific equipment

Montessori material is used for different learning: refinement of the senses, mathematics, initiation to reading, to writing, geometry, ...

The Russian method is provided to our children for a wonderful musical awakening. Piano and other instruments suitable for early childhood are available to children with lessons that combine music, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, etc.

Specific play material is also used for languages ​​to make their acquisition fun for children: Kamishibai, Mystery box, etc.


Spaces & facilities

First of all, all the decoration is done in a sober way to promote calm and concentration. Studies have shown that it is an important element in facilitating learning.

We have also created specialized spaces and varied environments to promote a rich and stimulating experience for children and their teachers. The child, at the heart of the pedagogy, circulates during the day in the different universes which cover all the skill areas of kindergarten: structuring of thought, exploration of the world, language development, bodily and artistic expression. With a variety of activities, we stimulate curiosity and creativity. We thus have a theme per space:

  • Sensory activities, mathematics, initiation to reading and writing, geometry with Montessori material in particular

  • Relaxation room: meditation and 3C method

  • Artistic workshops: painting, pottery, ...

  • Music room with a piano and several other instruments

  • Toy library dedicated to construction, assembly and symbolic games (ESAR repository)

  • Creative activities, scientific awakening, recycling

  • Library corner in all rooms to encourage reading and love of books

  • Playground and garden of 300 m² for physical activities, psychomotor skills

  • Practical activities: daily life, cooking ...

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Vision, Missions and Values

Vision, Missions et Valeurs


Free the child's potential through an education that is rooted in morocco's cultural heritage, and simultaneously open to the world.

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  • Offer a pedagogy that respects the natural laws of child development

  • Propose approaches that consider the authenticity of each child

  • Support the child in their various learning and develop their multiple skills

  • Support parents in their parental role

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  • Learning with joy

  • Wellbeing, Love and Respect

  • Freedom and Autonomy

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Emotional intelligence and Empathy

  • Creativity and Multiculturalism

Educational team

Equipe pédagogique


The pedagogic manager and French educator, has 20 years of experience in kindergarten. She is passionate about storytelling, guitar and plastic arts. 


The English educator, has a degree in English Literature and has spent extended periods of time abroad.


The music teacher, was born in Moscow into a Russian family and is a laureate of the Moscow School of Music (Piano class). She is one of the founders of the music school of the Russian cultural institute in Rabat where she has taught piano and singing for over 20 years.


The Arabic educator, studied biology and is passionate about painting and gardening.


The Chinese teacher, is made available to the school by the China Cultural Center in Rabat (via a partnership agreement). She taught Chinese for 25 years in China and received several awards for the quality of her teaching.

Partnerships & Certifications

Accréditations et partenaires

Chinese Cultural Center in Rabat, Morocco

logo formations positives.webp

Positive education for parents and teachers, Switzerland
(certification in parental coaching)


Scientific awakening of children, Finland

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NGO promoting interculturality in education,


21st century skills,

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Online platform for families and educators,


Curriculums and Lesson plans, Finland


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